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We're busy working with the best UK companies to design and develop Augmented Reality prototypes and apps for Microsoft Hololens, Apple ARKit, Epson Moverio and Vuzix.

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Here at Mozenix we're 100% focused on using the capabilities of Augmented Reality to drive process efficiency gains and solve real-world commercial challenges. The next wave of transformative technologies are now rapidly beginning to emerge: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Technology is moving from what we carry to what we wear. We believe that AR sits at the forefront of this transformation. We're obsessed with agile and data driven AR development, so if you're a business seeking to explore the commercial potential of AR, we'd love to hear about your project.



From innovation workshops to device rental and full scale prototyping, Mozenix offer strategy, design and development services.


We're obsessed with AR processes and delivery, focusing on agile and continuous integration to deploy prototypes.


We're busy working with top UK clients to develop AR apps for Hololens, ARKit, Epson Moverio, VUZIX and more.